The Quick Header Rental Business

In 2015, Scot and Judy Kelly established the first QUICK HEADERS Rental Operation in the U.S.A., launching in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah marketplace with 1,000 QUICK HEADERS in a small warehouse. A grass roots effort of cold calling on job sites and word of mouth with masons and general contractors was the primary method of marketing and advertising, and the initial business growth was exponential.


In 2016, based on feedback from the field and the need to accommodate the unique challenges found with multiple larger structures and openings in many of the projects, Scot modified and patented a new and improved QUICK HEADER to conform to commercial building needs and practices in the United States.

By 2019 the Rental Operation had converted nearly every mason across the state with a 100% retention rate proclaiming that QUICK HEADERS is “the best bucking thing they’ve ever seen!” Demand for the product in the Rental business launched QUICK HEADERS into their planned second phase of Manufacturing in order for more product to be available.

In 2020 and 2021 QUICK HEADERS launched the product at the World of Concrete, making it available for sale. Manufactured in the USA, QUICK HEADERS provide an opportunity for an existing Rental Distribution Center (RDC) to add a lucrative product to its current product lines, or for a new Rental Distribution Center to be established. In either case, RDC’s rent to contractors, a durable low maintenance product that stores and transports very easily to and from job sites. When an order is placed for the QUICK HEADERS, they are palletized and delivered to each job site by the RDC. The income potential is based on the number of days the QUICK HEADERS are rented. They typically will generate revenue for 2-4 weeks until they are ready for pick up. Charging the suggested and affordable average rental rate of $3 per day for each header and an average of $1 a day for each prop, will generate an attractive return on the RDC’s investment within the first year, and it will generate an average savings by the end users (the mason’s and contractors) up to 60% compared to traditional wood framed shoring when all factors are considered.

QUICK HEADERS is primarily focused on finding existing Rental Operators, or those who want to start up their own operation as we did, in order to make the product available for masons and General Contractors everywhere as quickly as possible. QUICK HEADERS are also sold to contractors who prefer to own their own equipment.

The Utah based rental business continues to experience rapid growth and we are looking for Rental Operators who wish to be a part of this very successful and rewarding program!



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