How Quick Headers Work

Features and Benefits

QUICK HEADERS are secured at both sides of an opening with a steel tab or tray. Their engineered design has been patented and tested in the field for over six years without failure. Post shores (see spec sheets under PRODUCTS) are mandatory and required for every 6 feet of length, thereby eliminating the possibility of movement or failure. The 6″ laying surface also contributes to a more stable surface for the setting block.

When using QUICK HEADERS and post shores, it eliminates the need for the construction tools required to build wood bucks, thereby reducing the risk of injury, theft, and loss.

Project Examples


This Building Aide Will Save You
Time And Money

Quick Headers range in sizes from 2′ to 16′ in length, with a post needed every 6′. The Quick Connect effortlessly links Quick Headers together to cross over virtually any length. Post shores can reach 3′ to 39′ in height.


Old School

New Tool


Follow the simple instructions on this chart and see what the
true cost is to build a wood buck in your area

Keep your masons focused on the setting blocks, not building bucks, and increase productivity on jobs!

No More Wasteful Wood Bucks
Have you ever truly studied the true costs associated with building out of wood bucks?
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Rental locations are now fully operational in Utah and Oregon.
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The safety part of them is unprecedented, and the cost is of them is a quarter of the price of lumber. The big boys love them.

Bill Whitesides
Horizon Masonry
The Quick Headers are quick, and convenient. For the most part it takes less than 30 seconds to put one in, and you just can’t beat that compared to building a wood buck.
Tom Larsen
Horizon Masonry
Quick Headers is the greatest thing since the trowel was invented.

Ty Bensonm
AK Masonry
” If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”
-Buckminster Fuller