Features and Benefits

Safety First

QUICK HEADERS are secured at both sides of an opening with a steel tab or tray. Their engineered design has been patented and tested in the field for over eight years without failure. Post shores (see spec sheets under PRODUCTS) are mandatory and required for every 6 feet of length, thereby eliminating the possibility of movement or failure. The 6″ laying surface also contributes to a more stable surface for the setting block.
When using QUICK HEADERS and post shores, there is no need for the construction tools required to build wood bucks, thereby reducing the risk of injury, theft, and loss.

The Benefits of Quick Headers vs Wood Bucks
Never Build a Wood Buck Again!

With how busy a mason or General Contractors’ schedule is, it’s not surprising how many have never taken the time to consider the true cost of building wood bucks. Building wood bucks is basically a sub-project within a larger project and as skilled labor, masons are trained to set blocks rather than build bucks. Historically the GC provided carpenters to build the shoring, however there is a clear shift these days to less self-performance on the part of the GC.
The key was to figure out how to turn an unwanted responsibility into a very simple and profitable aspect of the masonry trade, taking into consideration environmental sensitivity and efficiencies. This is how Quick Headers was born.

Owning Quick Headers

Building Wood Bucks

When truly comparing the material, labor and waste costs associated with building wood bucks, Quick Headers substantially out-performs building wood bucks every time. Comparing all size openings, the following chart demonstrates that the one-time cost paid to purchase a Quick Header with a life expectancy of 20+ years, is paid for after building only two wood bucks of the same size that have only a one time use. Owning Quick Headers vs Building Wood Bucks? There is no comparison… Quick Headers are changing the industry standing in masonry shoring with an efficient and effective system that ends costly work stoppages, improves labor efficiencies, eliminates wood waste, is focused on safety, and all with a high return on your investment.

Simple Solutions by Quick Headers

Width x Height

Quick headers can expand to virtually any length with a Quick Connect. Props can reach up to 39′ in height.

Radius Wall Construction

Quick Headers wider laying surface allows for use in radius wall construction.

Arched Windows

Foam shapes placed on the top of a Quick Header to create arched windows

Large Equipment Access

Quick Headers can be strategically placed further apart after the first few days of cure time in order to allow heavy equipment access through openings

12" or Wider Block

Quick Headers can be “sistered” together in order to provide a wider setting platform for 12″ or wider CMU block

Mid-Block Insertions

By cutting a slot into the block at mid-height, a Quick Headers tab can be quickly inserted into the side for a clean finish

CMU Foam Integrated Block

The Quick Header shoring system can be utilized with the “Insultech System”

ICF Panels

Quick Headers can be used in ICF Foam Panel construction methods

No Matter the Height

No vertical support is required when openings are less than 6′ in length

Mechanical Openings

Small openings such as mechanical doors, windows and events are easily accomplished with Qucik Header sizes starting as small as 2′