Spanish Fork High School – 116’8″ Wide Opening

The longest length that has been shored using Quick Headers to date is 116’8″ long by 12’8″ high, breaking the record of 90′ long previously. This entire opening was done using multiple sizes of Quick Headers along with the Quick Connects.

JOB: Spanish Fork High School
MASON: Duane Hales and Sons, Inc.
GC: Westland Construction

17′ x 12′ Opening – Two Props

JOB: Station Park Commercial Building

MASON: AK Masonry

Quick Headers paid a crucial role with no room to spread out and build a wood buck at high elevations – Two Props


MASON: Harv Higam Masonry

14′ x 8′ Opening – Two Props

JOB: Extra Space Public Storage

MASON: Ron Johnson Masonry

15′ x 8′ Opening – Two Props

JOB: Vineyard Retail Center

MASON: Ron Johnson Masonry

14′ x 12′ Opening – Two Props

JOB: Polk Elementary

MASON: Rocky Mountain Masonry GC: Hughes Construction

Underside of a Quick Header – Two Props

JOB: Davis Elementary

MASON: AK Masonry