the quick headers program


Keep your masons focused on setting block, not building bucks, and increase productivity on jobs!

Underside of a Quick Header

Underside of a Quick Header

Compare Traditional Wood Framing to Quick Headers and SAVE!

Wood Bucks:  30 - 10’ x 8’ openings @ an average of $150 each = $4,500

(costs include materials, time to sort wood, labor to frame, work interruption)

QUICK HEADERS:  30 - 10’ x 8’ openings for 10 days rental @ $3.50 = $1,050

(installs in under two minutes, includes prop price)

Average SAVINGS for 30 - 10’ x 8’ openings = $3,450

That goes straight to your BOTTOM LINE!




Currently the QUICK HEADER Distributor Operation is in the greater Salt Lake City area. All that is needed to rent QUICK HEADERS is the length and height of each opening and we will arrange the rest. A Prop will be required for every six feet of length. The Props are available in five different heights options and will span from two feet to thirty-nine feet in height.



1’6”–2’6” lengths - $2 a day

3’–11’ lengths - $3 a day

12’–19’ lengths - $4 a day

20’–26’ lengths - $5 a day


#150 - 2’0”-7’0” height - $.50 a day

#300 - 5’4”-10’6” height - $.50 a day

#350 - 6’2”-11’6” height - $.50 a day

#550 - 9’0”-11’6” height - $1.00 a day

#B4 - 14’0”-23’6” height - $1.50 a day

#B5 - 22’0”-39’0” height - $2.00 a day



We are actively developing a Distributorship Network and Distributors are needed! If you would like to own your own Distributorship and provide this quality product in your area, contact QUICK HEADERS for further details.


Custom Storage Racks available to house your QUICK HEADERS for your warehouse.

Price quote for a storage rack available for a custom order.

Extended tab of a Quick Header

Extended tab of a Quick Header


Contact QUICK HEADERS to place any size order, custom designed for your needs.


Due to the high volatility of steel prices, QUICK HEADERS are subject to change due to material cost.