Dual Recessed Opening utilizing two Quick Headers Inset to be veneered

JOB: Mountain View Commercial

MASON: Wasatch Masonry

Floating corner with 1-2 foot Quick Header and 1-6 foot Quick Header posted at corner.

JOB: Weber County Juvenile Facility

MASON: Harv Higam Masonry

Rolling Quick Headers from 1st Floor to 2nd Floor

JOB: Jordan Commercial Center

MASON: Wasatch Masonry

No Post A-Frame Post

JOB: Utah State

MASON: Harv Higam Masonry

Multiple Openings in a Radius Wall

JOB: Electrical Union School

MASON: Masonry Engineers

Intersecting Quick Headers over a complicated crossing with 12″ Block

JOB: Daybreak Elementary

MASON: AK Masonry